Did you know our emotions, energy centres and elements are all interconnected?

Welcome to Crystal Blue Lotus Ch’i

If you browse the internet and do a Google search on yoga, reiki and meditation and pose the question “why are they good for you” your results will be limitless. There are loads of results both scientific, remedial and spiritual that support the fact that we all should be making yoga, reiki and meditation a daily practice in our lives.

I wanted to share with you today my knowledge and experience as a yoga teacher, reiki master and crystal vibrational resonance therapy master and sound healer. Most importantly how and why these practices should be a daily routine in your life.

For me personally it has changed the way I see myself in a completely different light, I used to think I was not worth a loving relationship or that I could achieve anything of value, always feeling not good enough and zero self -confidence, and feeling like I was stuck in transit, I never allowed myself to shine. When I started to discover and work with the elements, intentions and the benefits of changing energy, on how it impacted our entire being, I realised how powerful it was for our mind, body and soul.

I knew that this was something special, I was worth it, and that I had purpose, not to only heal myself and change my own path. Which sent me on this awesome path to help others to realise there potential and create a positive new journey. Where you can finally actually breathe! I am not saying that there isn’t still challenges along the way but those challenges become less of a hurdle, your perspective is filled with clarity, your inner strength is renewed, creating a healthy vibration, you truly can allow yourself to shine.

Why are our emotions, energy centres and elements integral to the healing process?

Understanding the whys of where we are in our lives can be confronting and often confusing taking us to a place of exhaustion, tiredness and worry and different levels of anxiety. The impact of our emotions within our energy centres and the strength of the elements, impact how we feel, how we act, how we manifest things into our lives.

It’s important to remember that we can repair and recover, we can create a balanced mind, body and soul so as to create happiness, peace of mind, calmness, feel revitalised, that feeling of hope again, being able to move forward creating positive change. If some of the questions in this article resonate with how you are now, Crystal Blue Lotus Ch’i can help you achieve health and wellness.

Have you felt unsafe and anxious?

When we feel unsafe or abandoned our root chakra (coccyx) which is connected to the earth element, which is our foundation becomes weak, and as a result, we become unstable.

Relationship issues?

When we are struggling with relationships in our lives our Sacral chakra (below the navel) which is connected to the water element, our emotions can go from feeling calm to overflowing, like rough seas, and we struggle to find our joy and our creativity in life.

Our you struggling with self-confidence?

When we are struggling with self-worth, abundance, deservingness, stepping into our power, our Solar Plexus chakra (above the navel) which is connected to the fire element, can go from a warm fire, to a blazing fire or just a spark, which effects our confidence our self- belief.

Are you self-critical?

When we judge ourselves, and feel unloved our Heart chakra which is connected to the air element, without air there is no transformation, so how important it is to truly love yourself.

Do you have a voice?

When we struggle to speak up, speak our truth our Throat chakra may be blocked. The throat chakra which is connected to ether/space element, with out space we cannot create time for all the things we love. For example, by releasing negative and dense energy from your throat chakra, we will be able to speak our truth, speak up and get that promotion or pay rise. Remember, if we can’t speak our truth then how does one express who they truly are?

Intuition and Trust

When our perception is obscured our Third eye (eyebrow centre) we have forgotten to trust our intuition, our inner knowing. Without trust we cannot see!

Connection to our higher selves

When we lose connection to our higher self, it effects our Crown which allows us to connect to being our own beacon of light, to help you on your path.

How can yoga, reiki and meditation help you?

When we release negative and dense energy with positive intention and infiltrate healthy vibration of the elements into our energy centres we create balance, we heal our emotions, our vibrational frequency is balanced, we become free, hope is restored, we take that leap of faith and become the lotus in the pond of new beginnings.

Namaste Mel x