Sound Vibrational Resonance Therapy

Crystal Blue Lotus Ch’i Pricing

2 Hour Treatment

Saturday and Sundays 8am–2.00pm (Other times available on request)


Location: 9 Tarni Street, Coombabah QLD 4216


We are all enveloped with vibrational sound and energy. When we are healthy we vibrate harmoniously and are at peace, but when we are unhealthy it creates a chemical imbalance, creating energy blocks, if these are not released, this can eventually create physical ailments within the body.

Through the use of Sound Vibrational Resonance Therapy, we can infiltrate our entire being, which will realign and balance our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

We have many chakra’s (energy centres), however there are seven main points of the body, known as primary chakra’s. Chakra’s are receivers of energy vibrations and information from the universal realm. Chakra’s radiate energy into our environment and change the atmosphere around us. Each Chakra has a specific colour and also a specific “sound”. The higher the vibration and the more balanced frequency we have, the clearer & brighter the colour resonates, the more effective the energy flows within us the healthier we become emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

With Sound we use Singing bowls, Ting Shaw’s, Tuning Forks, Bell and the drum just to name a few, and by using specific and trusted techniques it helps the body release unwanted toxins from the body safely, it helps break it up allowing the entire system to work more effectively. Sound will cleanse, balance, harmonise and activate our energy. It will release negative and dense energy, transforming it into positive healthy energy.

Individual Singing bowls and Tuning Forks for example range from A to G Sound Frequency’s that resonates with our energy centres, this allows us to add particular sound to our energy centres of the body that are perhaps are quite dense and require some added vibration of a particular sound frequency. As each Sound resonates with particular parts of the body. Also by analysis we also have the ability to know when not to add a particular additional sound to certain energy centres ensuring to keep a healthy and safe balance.

Even if you are not musically minded or don’t have a strong understanding of sound instruments, we all know that exhilarating feeling that changes how we feel instantly when we hear an upbeat song or a rhythmic sound that we love and just seems to resonate within you, that wants us to break out in dance shall we say, that in itself is evidence of how the right sounds are beneficial to how we feel. As we are an orchestra of sound and vibration, that more often than not requires some fine tuning to achieve a healthy inside and out.

As Sound can be quite powerful, I find it to be incredibly effective to incorporate this technique during Reiki and Crystal Vibrational Resonance Therapy, it is the perfect complement to these treatments that adds beneficial outcomes, raising your vibration to a healthy state. When our vibration is within balance it allows us to move forward in the direction of what we truly wish to achieve. I Also love to incorporate Sound within a yoga class, especially the tranquil singing bowls to assist with raising that healthy vibration we all need. Sound is also remarkable for cleansing your home in Feng Shui allowing you to space clear hour home.

Saturday and Sunday

9.30, 12.00pm, 2.30pm

(other times on request)

Location: 9 Tarni Street, Coombabah QLD 4216