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Today I open a world of possibilities

Crystal Blue Lotus Ch’i Pricing

Option One: $480

Option Two: P.O.A


Feng Shui is an ancient art of cleansing and balancing your Home, but also your mind body and soul.

Feng Shui will bring happiness and abundance into your home and your life, it will bring about extraordinary changes that you would not have believed possible, by applying the correct placements of the Five Elements within your home or business and your focused intention to bring these changes into your life.

Feng Shui will help remove clutter from your life, which therefore opens the doors for new opportunities to come into your life.

My Challenge to you is to Clean out just one room in your house or even just one draw. Then ask yourself “how does it make you feel?” The evidence is right there that Feng Shui really does give you many benefits in your everyday lives.

“Feng Shui is the perfect tool to create beneficial flow and healthy vibrant energy within your home and all aspects of your life which therefore reflects within yourself”


Element is Wood

Representation of life and growth, so wood always suggests growth and expansion.
(East represents Health. South East Represents Wealth and Abundance.)

Element is Earth, the Ch’i of Earth is warm and embracing, and nurturing & Nourishes.

Earth Energy is protective energy and takes good care of the home when correctly energized and balanced, of the five elements Earth is the most important to have, if the earth element is strong and balanced then the essence of good fortune is present.

(South West represents Love. North East Represents Study and knowledge.)

Water is the Element.

Element is Water. Water in Feng Shui represents livelihood and wealth and success. Water is vital to the environment, where there is water life exists, plants flourish and is infused with yang energy.  To create healthy Water, it must be flowing and clean, but you must be mindful of too much water can create misfortune, balance is the key. When water is balanced there is joy and calmness in our lives.

(North represents career)

Metal is the Element

When energised can be relentless in its strength extremely powerful, so it is always good to have some Fire nearby so Metal is always under your control. Metal Chi stands for power and authority.

(North West represents Mentors and Teachers. West represents Family/Children.)

Fire is the Element.

Fire spreads in all directions. It is radiant and hot and needs to be controlled. Fire has the potential to suddenly become so big and hot that it can get out of control. Fire brings fame, recognition, the kind of success that can become a double – edge sword, the kind of success that can also burn itself out. Make sure the fire is controlled but keeps burning. If you have to much fire you add earth as earth exhausts Fire.

(South Represents recognition.)


>Feng Shui (Flying Star Method)

Standard Consultation$480
(Note you preferably will need a Floor Plan that is to scale to get a more accurate Report on your home or business) however with option 1 only, a feng shui consult can still be performed without it.


  • Site Visit, and Evaluation of Home
  • Detailed Feng Shui Report on all directions of your home and what recommended placements are required, Focal points will be the Main Entry, your main living area and working area and your bedroom being the concentrated areas.
  • Detailed Feng Shui information for the current year (Free Feng Shui Gift with every Consult)

Feng Shui (Flying Star Method) Premium Consultations – P.O.A

(Note you will need a Floor Plan to scale to get an accurate Report on your home or business)


  • Site Visit, and Evaluation of Home
  • Comprehensive detailed Feng Shui Report on all Directions of your home and what recommended placements are required based on all occupants in the house.
  • Including a breakdown of individual Rooms
  • Detailed information on Feng shut requirements for the current year and the year ahead
  • Specific information on individual occupants in the house and their Feng Shui Recommendations
  • Including Success Directions
  • (Free Feng Shui Gift box specifically for you with every consult)