Today I open a world of possibilities


Feng Shui is an ancient art of cleansing and balancing your Home, but also your mind body and soul.

Feng Shui will bring happiness and abundance into your home and your life, it will bring about extraordinary changes that you would not have believed possible, by applying the correct placements of the Five Elements within your home or business and your focused intention to bring these changes into your life.

Feng Shui will help remove clutter from your life, which therefore opens the doors for new opportunities to come into your life.

My Challenge to you is to Clean out just one room in your house or even just one draw. Then ask yourself “how does it make you feel?” The evidence is right there that Feng Shui really does give you many benefits in your everyday lives.

“Feng Shui is the perfect tool to create beneficial flow and healthy vibrant energy within your home and all aspects of your life which therefore reflects within yourself”


Element is Wood

Wood grows upwards and is an excellent representation of life and growth, so wood always suggests growth and expansion. Think of a seed growing into a tall and luxurious tree, filled with blossoms and Flowers. The Chi of wood is pushing upwards. Luxuriant growth of plants in the east and the southeast is always beneficial.

Within our “HOME” our plants (wood) purify the air we breathe, assisting us with our transformation into the new.

Within our Heart the Colour Green Resonates, Our Heart is the centre of our Energy Centres, when our Heart is at the perfect vibration our body naturally heals itself.

Colour is Green

East – Health and Wellbeing

South East – Abundance

Earth Element

The Chi of Earth is very warm and embracing. It nurtures and nourishes. Earth energy is protective energy, it embraces and takes care of the home when its properly energized and balanced/ of the five elements earth is the friendliest and also the most important to have. The earth element must be steady and strong and then the essence of good opportunity’s is present.

Earth is also representative of the centre of any home so do remember the importance of this element.

Earth Represents the Root Chakra which is our personal foundation, to be able to move forward we must strengthen our foundation. It is dependent on the earth element being strong, as it is what supports us, keeps us safe, gives us vitality, trust, holding messages of the past.

Colour – Earth Tones

South West – Relationships

North East – Study/Knowledge

Water is the Element

Water runs downwards. Water signifies wealth and success but there is always danger of overflow. The element of water can therefore bring enormous wealth luck or it can cause great misfortune. Water is a powerful element that cuts both ways. Water in Traditional feng shui is symbolic of money flow, the key is to get the direction of the money flow correct.

Personal Water Element creates Flow in life, it also represents the Sacral which is our creativity, and relationships.  Water is cleansing, it creates joy, allowing us to enjoy life, helps us flow freely on our path, brings happiness to our relationships keeping them in harmony, it is our emotional gauge.

Colour – Blue

Represents – Life Purpose

Metal is the Element

Metal can be deadly and powerful but metal is also the easiest element to control. The metal element when energised can be relentless in its strength, so it is always good to have some Fire nearby. Metal is very stabilizing and produce’s Water which therefore assists flow.

North West – Mentor/Teachers/Guide

West – Family/Children

Fire is the Element

Fire spreads in all directions. It is radiant and hot, and needs to be controlled. Fire has the potential to suddenly become so big and hot that it can get out of control. Fire brings fame, recognition, and luminosity, the kind of success that can become a double – edge sword, the kind of success that can also burn itself out. Think of it brightening the sky with its flashing red and yellow, but also make sure it keeps burning. Make sure the fire is controlled. If you have to much fire, you add earth as earth exhausts Fire.

In numerology no. 9 (which is the number of the south) represents the fullness of the universe, It is said that when we display 9 auspicious birds, we are capturing the full spectrum of positive outcomes, and favourable manifestations, Birds bring new prosperity and new opportunities.

Personal Fire

Allows us to create with inspiration, provides us with confidence, helps us manifest the things we wish to bring in and accomplish what we create, it showers us with worthiness, it fills our entire being with enthusiasm, allowing us to process and release our worry’s. Fire allows us to show our shining light. When we talk about the Fire Element from a personal perspective it relates to the solar plexus which is our courage and confidence, worthiness, and reflects stepping into our power.