Crystal Blue Lotus Ch’i Pricing

Saturday 3.35pm

Per Class Cost: $15 per class

Bulk Classes:

5 class pass $70

10 class pass $120 (Bookings essential, also receive an additional free class)

Venue and Location

Yoga Space location: 31 Falkner Avenue, Paradise Point QLD 4216


Please message or phone myself,  Mel on 0404 837 786 if you would like to come due to limited space, to secure your spot. (yoga mats and blocks, straps, cushions all provided)



Come along and enjoy a beginner’s yoga class, that is gentle physically, emotionally and mentally, connecting with your breath to help you find mindfulness, allowing you to stretch and create movement in the body so you feel restored, invigorated and rejuvenated in a safe environment.

This yoga class is suitable for those who want to be kind to their body’s, work within your limitations by utilising the many variations of a pose to suit our different body types and limitations. Practice yoga poses and breathing techniques that are safe and practical, creating many health benefits, without over straining. Allowing yourself to feel rejuvenated afterwards giving you more energy, releasing the tension out of the body. Creating that relaxed state of mind allowing your body to feel amazing as it creates harmony and balance throughout your entire being.

My personalised class of a maximum of 8 students which I promise an atmosphere of feeling safe and comfortable. Consisting of Asana’s (yoga poses to calm the mind, improve your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, clear and energise the energy centres), Mantra, Pranayama (Basic Breathing exercises to calm the mind and clear and energise the energy centres, relieving stress and anxiety), Followed by a tranquil guided meditation to finish the class with, incorporated with the beautiful sound of the Antique singing bowl.

My ultimate aim of every yoga class is that you feel good about yourself, realise how amazing you truly are, allow yourself to go within and really understand your own body physically, emotionally and mentally. Create new effortless flow within your life. Find your tranquillity.

You do not have to be flexible or a certain body type, or be super fit to do true yoga, you simply have to remember to be kind to yourself, listen to your body and connect to your breath allowing yourself to trust and flow with it, creating calmness of the mind.

Simply enjoy your awesomeness just as you are. Yoga can truly transform how you feel about yourself and create positive changes within your life.



Location: Paradise Point Community Centre